Yoga it’s great addition of your daily training, or simply practice yoga just to feel good. Nice combination with healthy lifestyle suitable to everyone. juliayoga3

About me:


My name is Julia, and I’m a qualified Yoga Teacher. I completed my training of Classical Hatha Yoga with Akasha Yoga Academy http://akashayogaacademy.com/


Yoga have giving me an opportunity experiment the sense of connection  body and mind. And i’m happy to share with you my Yoga expressions and simply have good time on the Yoga mat.

If you in Phuket and  interesting to start  practices or are experienced Yoga practitioner, I am here to create for you a Yoga class is suitable  at this moment of your path and help you grow from within. Meditative or Dynamic style, both are my passion, depends a what results you are wanna achieve from you practicing.



Feel Free to contact me

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